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Gateron Switches R2


This Group Buy will end: 10th April 20:00 GMT

The MOQ is 3000pcs total across the three concurrent Group Buys, Gateron R2, Cherry R1, Kailh R1.

This is a Group Buy for Gateron Switches. These are compatible with Cherry MX keycaps. To keep things simple these switches will be for PCB and Plate mount i.e. they have 3 nubs on the bottom not just one, if you are using these for plate mount they will work as long as the PCB has a hole either side of the main stem, if the PCB only has a single hole per switch you can easily cut the two extra nubs of the bottom. NOTE: The transparent top/white bottom(RGB) switches are plate mount only!

Some clarification on the housing types available. The transparent top with black bottom are suitable for both plate and PCB mount with the 5 pin variety, they can accommodate 4 pin RGB LEDs. The transparent top with white bottom, have 3 pins and are suitable for plate mounting, they also have extra room underneath for SMD LEDs to be mounted underneath on the switch side of the PCB.

Housing Type:
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Additional Info

Available switches

  • Red - 45g Linear
  • Yellow - 50g Linear
  • Clear - 34g Linear
  • Black - 50g Linear
  • Brown - 45g Tactile
  • Blue - 55 g Clicky
  • Green - 80g Clicky

Rather than have packs of a set quantity you will be able to choose the exact amount number of switches that you need, don't forget to get some extras if you intend on modding the switches in case you break them.

How this will work

Place your order.

  • I combine all orders and place an order with the seller. (10th April)
  • I receive the order and confirm delivery of all switches. (17th-24th April)
  • I'll send shipments out in the order they were purchased. (ASAP)

    Feel free to order multiple switch types, as well as different brands.

Group Buy Policy

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Refunds are only available during the Group Buy. No refunds are allowed once the Group Buy order has been placed with the seller. Please contact us via the contact form if you would like to request a refund and meet the above criteria.

Optic Boards reserves the right to change and/or modify its policies at any given time without any prior notice.

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